Whole day school INSET incorporating Brain Gym® and ‘Developing Children’s Spirituality’:

In these days of incessant noise and constant stimulation competing to get our attention, Lisa noticed that children find it increasingly difficult to be still, quiet and contemplative.

With constant access to images and programmes on television, computer games, internet, smart phones etc children are rarely given the space to explore, discover, celebrate, contemplate, ponder, reflect on all that is going on around and within them. Lisa began to notice that an increasing number of children simply didn’t know how to do this without being taught tools to achieve this. However, when Lisa used Brain Gym® in class, particularly after break times, she noticed a significant effect on the children as they settled into a calm and reflective space. Once the short Brain Gym® session was finished the children were able to settle into and enjoy a quiet time of reflection before engaging enthusiastically in the following lesson.

Half day introducing Brain Gym® followed by half day focussing on developing ‘Awe and Wonder’ within the vision and ethos of a school (addressing SMSC experiences at school)

Cost: From £800 (includes handout for each member of staff)

School INSET training (half day or whole day):

Fun, interactive training that equips staff to easily incorporate the Brain Gym® movements into classroom routines.

Staff are taught to notice the effects of stress on children’s attention and readiness for learning and core Brain Gym® movements. They are also taught how to decide the most effective movement for particular lessons eg. useful movements to help children with maths or literacy.

Cost: Half day- From £450 (for 10-20 members of staff) £30 for each additional staff member
Full day- From £850 (up to 20 staff members) £50 for each additional staff member

Includes handout for each member of staff

1 day class-based, interactive INSET:

Lisa moves from class to class, where she demonstrates classroom friendly Brain Gym® movements.

She will also focus on the most commonly used 4 part sequence of Brain Gym® movements called PACE. PACE is used to prepare children for learning by calming and re-focussing them. It is helpful for settling children when they arrive in the morning, after break and increases attention and focus after lunch time.

This training includes a twilight session either the previous day or on the same day for staff where the movements are reviewed and more background information about the movements is given.

Cost: From £850 (includes a handout for each member of staff)

Individual consultations within schools:

Children can be referred to Lisa by class teachers, learning mentors and SENCOs for difficulty with concentration during lessons, under-achievement in reading and maths, disruptive behaviour, low self-esteem etc.

An individual session lasts for about one hour. A brief report and verbal feedback will be given to the teacher when appropriate after the session. Subsequent sessions can also be recommended.

Cost: From £75 per session (includes feedback and brief report)

Individual private consultations:

Lisa works with children and adults for physical, emotional, learning and life goals.

She also offers in depth profiling of learning styles based on sensory preferences to understand gifts and challenge which enhance understanding in learning, life attitude and relationships.

Cost: From £85 for initial consultation and session (90 mins)
From £75 for each session thereafter (60 mins)