A one day seminar that offers you the opportunity to experience some of the key activities, concepts and techniques that underlie the programme.

You will come away with activities and tools to try out at work and at home. It will help you decide if you wish to undertake further training, as well as providing a core set of effective tools to use right away.

Cost: £130 (includes handout)
Early Bird rate: £115

Group bookings (7 or more people) with friends, family, colleagues etc at your chosen venue eg. home, community room, school hall

£90 each


5th April 2019
Early Bird: book by 5th March 2019

3rd May 2019
Early Bird: book by 3rd April 2019

14th June 2019
Early Bird: book by 14th May 2019

The complete Brain Gym® part of the Educational Kinesiology programme.

It is a comprehensive introduction to the use of Brain Gym® and the first step on route to becoming a Brain Gym® Movement Facilitator (should you get so excited about the simplicity and profound effects of Brain Gym®, that you want to teach others these movements!). The course covers all aspects of Brain Gym®, including history, concepts, principles and movements and how to adapt the activities for particular individuals and groups/classes.

Cost: £490
(includes manual, registration on the national
database and refreshments)

Early Bird rate: £475


I customize dates for groups of 4 people or more for this course